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Vehicle Builds / Re: RBx '88 4Runner modifaddiction
« Last post by RBx on June 24, 2019, 10:11:52 AM »
Motor mounts are now tacked, I discovered that the 1KD factory mounts are a different angle then the frame side mounts on the 88. So, out came the grinder to clearance the mount to give us proper angle so the motor mounts are now in their neutral position, before you could tell they were tweaked to one side. Once I mount the transmission to see where i need to fab up a new trans mount I'll burn the motor mounts in completely, but after taking a bunch of measurements I'm pretty confident the mounts are in the correct spot.
Prado oil pan, well this pan may actually be worse as far as clearance to the front 3rd. The bottom sump comes out on the passenger side so far that the upper 3rd- link on the top of the diff that the oil pan fouls, so another hurdle i thought I had cleared.....

In the meantime, lets start labeling the wire harness, spent a bit making labels and cheat sheets.
Vehicle Builds / Re: RBx '88 4Runner modifaddiction
« Last post by RBx on June 24, 2019, 10:11:03 AM »
Did the following before the above post...

ECU was sent to Diesel Toys in TX for an ECU tune. Deleted the EGR and Immobilizer as well as added their mild tune to give more power and more MPG. After running the engine using TechStream I determined injector two would be failing soon, so sent the Injectors off to Baileys Diesel Group in Australia. After speaking with Simon, he told me that the main bearings are not a concern (as I was going to replace the mains) in these engines, but to switch out the hard fuel lines due to the mileage. So, new injectors (Stage 1 15% more flow), valve cover gaskets kit, fuel hard lines and suction control valve for the injection pump.

Valve cover off, the black gets on everything, its worse then anti-seize.

Injectors getting sent out to Baileys Diesel Group, going Stage 1 which has a 15% higher flow for a future mild tune.

Intake manifold nastiness. There is a butterfly valve on the circular cylinders, with about an 1/8" of soot and oil tacked onto it.

To deal with the black death...
Made a parts washer out of some bits we had laying around UnHoly Motorsports.

First pass with the parts cleaner, that is soot in the sink, about an 1/8" thick. This is all due to the EGR, cancer to diesel engines.

Engine back on engine stand for cleaning and maintenance. Will be rotating the engine to clean the intake ports on the head.

More to follow

Did some cleaning on the head intake runners and welding the EGT bung into the exhaust manifold.

Welding on the cast manifold for the EGT bung

Vehicle Builds / Re: RBx '88 4Runner modifaddiction
« Last post by RBx on June 24, 2019, 10:10:22 AM »
Seems to be more action on this site then others I've been on recently, so I figured I'll share some of my project and hopefully get some suggestions and guidance.
Nut Shell... 88 4Runner 3VZ-E SAS, swapping in an '06 1KD-FTV engine, R151F trans with dual boxes.

Some stuff I'm copying from previous posts

today we clean the/organize the operating room before surgery. Then I'll remove the trans and get after the 5th gear OD mod since I'll need to order the gears. After the trans removal I'll remove the wheels and drop the whole truck on 6x6s and rmove the coil overs. This will be easier to work on....more to follow

this happened

Did some cleaning....

Then did more cleaning...

then I decided to torture myself with just seeing where this lump needs to sit....

took some measurements (going to install an electric fan)...

The engine is not sitting in its permanent location, as I have discovered a few issues:

  • Oil pan hits the front diff at full stuff, i knew I would need to modify the oil pan and sump
  • Engine mounts seem to be spaced wider and at a slightly different angle on the frame when compared to the mount angle and spacing on the engine
  • Fab up new mounts to shove engine back about 1", and up another 1.5'.....sooooo.....
  • While I'm at it may as well do a drive-train lift, so time to hack into the horse collar
  • Vacuum pump in the front of the engine will be very close to the fan shroud, may have to clearance a shroud

I'm going to fab up some motor mount perches this weekend and hopefully get a solid location for the lump to live. I'll then turn to the oil pan modification.

Made some motor mounts...1.5" drive-train lift, and back .75". Next will be modifying the horse collar.

Vehicle Builds / Re: Darthyota's 4runner build
« Last post by Darthyota on July 26, 2018, 10:09:29 PM »
Been doing some body work

Vs. Old
Vehicle Builds / Re: Darthyota's 4runner build
« Last post by Darthyota on July 26, 2018, 10:08:51 PM »
Progress ahoy!
So after some research and remembering that I had an LSD that I had originally purchased to go in my X-Runner that didn't fit in the X because it used the larger 8.4" diff and not the same "old" 8" that the FJ cruisers and 4th gen 4Runners use, I discovered that I could use it in my 8" carrier. There are however some differences between the old v6 8" and the newer FJ/4Runner 8". I discovered this difference after a couple trips to Sherwood Park Toyota for two different 8" carrier bearings, luckily I was able to find an adapter bearing. The adapter bearing has the OD of the old v6 8" carrier bearing and the ID of the newer FJ/4Runner 8" diff. Once I had the bearings I needed in hand I pressed them onto the LSD so it could be installed into the third. I had my buddy Bear help me with this as he has set up thousands of diffs. One of the things you need to make sure that you do when doing diff work is if you are removing the ring gear bolts is that you use new ones on the install as they are torque to yield and therefore only good for a single use.

The OS Giken LSD

Installed into the third.

The third installed into the housing

Some drain plug protector reinforcement. I did this as it is a common issue where a rock smashes this and makes it almost impossible to remove the drain plug.

I then set about installing the axel shafts into the housing.

Once I got the shafts in I started working on the drivers side. The first thing I had to do was to shim the new king pins ( I'm using the trail gear trunnion bearing eliminator kit) so that the steering preload is between 15 and 25 ft/lbs as measured with a fish scale. My drivers side is shimmed to 0.0645" and 0.0684" top and bottom to give a 21.9 ft/lb steering preload, I will be shimming the passenger side a little more to get closer to a 20 ft/lb preload. Once I got my steering preload set it was time to start packing the knuckle ball with grease. This is a very gooey messy step, the Toyota mini truck solid axles use approximately 2 tubes of grease per side, this includes packing the wheel bearings, packing the wheel bearing case and the locking hubs full of grease. Next comes the spindle, now normally you would just put a backing plate or a backing plate eliminator on but I plan on running much larger Lexus GX470 13WH calipers and rotors so I need to cut one set of caliper mounting ears off my 6 shooter knuckles so that I can bolt the calipers to the new mounting bracket. The other half of this requires you to use the IFS wheel bearing case as opposed to the SFA wheel bearing case as it pushes the rotor mounting surface out 1.5", the other added bonus to this setup is that you no longer need to run wheel spacers on the front to match the rear if you have a factory IFS truck.

Knuckle packed with grease

Wheel bearing case installed.

Here you can see the 13W caliper bracket and the cut off knuckle ears.

The last step is to install the locking hubs. Before I reinstalled the hubs I installed a set of chromo hub gears, one thing I noticed while installing these gears is that even when dry they tend to stick and grab preventing them from actuating smoothly like the factory hub gears I'm hoping this is something that will be eliminated with some use.

4WD locking hub installed.

Finished assembling the axle but didn't get any photos
Vehicle Builds / Re: Tacoeng's 1990 Build.
« Last post by Tacoeng on July 04, 2018, 04:35:48 PM »
Thanks.  Time to weld this project up.
Vehicle Builds / Re: GUMBY the '87RockRunner
« Last post by TacoRunner on July 04, 2018, 01:04:41 PM »
Vehicle Builds / Re: Tacoeng's 1990 Build.
« Last post by TacoRunner on July 04, 2018, 01:03:26 PM »
Looking good man, keep it coming
Vehicle Builds / Re: Tacoeng's 1990 Build.
« Last post by Tacoeng on June 30, 2018, 06:34:20 PM »
Here is the passenger side clearance at bumpstop and shock bumpstop.

Vehicle Builds / Re: Tacoeng's 1990 Build.
« Last post by Tacoeng on June 30, 2018, 06:18:26 PM »
It has been a really long time since I have posted on the forum.  I don't know if there is much going on here anymore but I still am working on my 1990 project.  It was postponed due to normal life activities and working on a Tacoma project that was supposed to be a quick turnaround but ended up taking way to much time. 

Here is where I am now on the project as of 6-30-18.  I am looking forward to getting back to it and finishing but before I welded I wanted to see if any of you had any thoughts or concerns with the direction it is going.   Thanks for you input. 
Driver side pictures--

The stop is the shock bumpstop. 

Level on bumpstop

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